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About Us

Why 366°

366° is a combination of 360° which represents a complete transformation and the 6° represents sustainability. At 366° Fitness our goal is to create an environment where Natural elements create natural movements hence the inclusion of Sand as a station within the studio not only to create a unique platform but also enhance resistance thereby creating faster results. 

Seun Ola the Founder -with over 15,500 hours of personal and group training- in his own words ‘I Wanted to put together my experiences and knowledge under one roof. Creating a unique platform and designing excercises that I have used over the years to achieve results with my clients. 

The studio boasts of specialized Classes regardless of fitness level from stay at home moms to Elite athletes and Military personnel. Other services include Personal Training, Corporate wellness and Memberships which comes with a customized Meal Plan. 

Find the Fun in Functional Training